IndabaX Malawi

30th May - 1st June 2019

Event Details

We are hosting a Machine Learning Event endorsed and supported by Deep Learning Indaba, Africa.

The IndabaX Malawi 2019 is an event aiming of bringing together students and young lecturers who are interested in Machine Learning. This event is part of a larger initiative in strengthening machine learning in Africa.

Through this event Malawi becomes one of 26 African events within Deep Learning Indaba. We hope that people attending this event will form partnerships and strengthen their own skills in python and machine learning.

“There is a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they are absolutely free. Do not miss so many of them.”

Location: The Polytechnic, Blantyre

Important Dates

Enrollment Opens:                                  5th April 2019

Enrollment Deadline:                            5th May 2019

Notification of Acceptance:                 by 10st May 2019

COMPETITION OPENS 30th May: Task announced and Enrollment for Competition Opened

Event Dates: 30th MAY – 1th JUNE 2019

Due to the delay in the opening of the new Academic year on the 29th April 2019 we have moved the date of this event.

What will you learn?

Python: Learn to code big ideas with little code. We will cover the basics and special libraries that one must know for Data Science and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning: Gain a good foundational knowledge on the mathematics and the algorithms for machine learning and build up your skills with a mix of lectures and hands-on coding sessions.

Computer Vision: Get a practical introduction to computer vision.

Who should attend?

Students interested in Machine Learning and Data Science. Lecturers who are teaching courses in artificial intelligence or are keen to learn more about this area.


Read our Call for Sponsorship


We have 40 places free.

To increase this number we are looking for sponsorship to support this good initiative.

However, if the demand is higher you might be able to participate at a cost.  If you are a lecturer or working, it may be that your institution or company can sponsor your participation. Contact us if this is the case at


Tentative Timetable

COMPETITION OPENS 6th May: Task announced and Enrollment for Competition Opened

DAY 1 – 16th MAY

08:00     Participants Welcome and Event Information

08:30     Opening Address by Dean of Applied Sciences

09:00     Lecture 1 Introduction to Machine Learning – Amelia Taylor

10:30     Coffee Break

11:00     Lab 1 Building Foundational Python Skills for Machine Learning

12:00     Lunch Break

13:30    Lecture 2 Statistics for Machine Learning – Marc Henrion

15:00     Demos and Research Discussion

DAY 2: 17th MAY

08:30     Lecture 3 Introduction to Data Science – Mtisunge Malemia

09:30     Coffee Break

10:00     Lab 3: Applying Cluster Analysis to a Real Dataset
OR Reinforcement Learning with OpenAI Gym

12:00     Lunch Break

13:30   Lecture 4 Machine Learning with Tensorflow – Steve Perete

15:00  Panel Discussion with Guests (Rice360, MLW, Poly, other organisations)

DAY 3: 18th May

08:00    Innovation and Coding Competition Submissions

09:00    Poster/ Demo Session

11:00    Session: Planning and Presenting your Research – Brittany Allen

12:00    Snacks

13:00 Competition Winners Announced

15:00    End of Event 

Main Speakers and Facilitators

Amelia Taylor

Dr. Amelia Taylor joined the Polytechnic in 2015 as a lecturer in Artificial Intelligence.

She teaches Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms Analysis and Design, Computational Intelligence and 3D graphics modules for Computer Science and Engineering students.

Steve Perete – Google Developer Group Blantyre chapter

Steve Perete is Systems and Applications Manager for NBS Bank, with experience in bringing innovative solutions to solve business (banking & Telecommunication) and social challenges (health and education) for the bank as well as financial inclusion for Malawi. He is Google Developer Group Blantyre Team Leader and a techpreneur.

Marc Henrion

Marc Henrion leads the Statistical Support Unit at Malawi – Liverpool – Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme (MLW). Previous to working at MLW, Dr. Henrion worked at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai where his work focused on using causal network models for multi-scale analyses of -omics data and classification algorithms for biomarker discovery.

Mtisunge Malemia

Lecturer at the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic. Holds a MSc degree in Computer Technology from Beijing Jiaotong University in China. Her research interests are in Data science, network analysis, machine learning and health informatics.

Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen is the director of the Design Studio at the University of Malawi Polytechnic. She has a Master’s degree in design thinking and innovation obtained the Johns Hopkins University Center for Bio-engineering Innovation and Design

Anmol Kiran

Guest Speaker from Malawi Liverpool Welcome Trust

Guest Speaker from Rice 360 (to be confirmed).


Thanda Mtegha

Thanda Mtegha is a student in Electronics and computer engineering at the University of Malawi, the Polytechnic, year 5. Currently working as an intern at Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust. His areas of interest are machine intelligence and electronics.

Brenald Dzonzi

Brenald Dzonzi is currently studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Polytechnic, University of Malawi, and is currently in his 4th year. He is interested in field of artificial intelligence and Electronics. He has experimented with computer vision, IoT and Robotics. He is part of the ProDrone project.

Yusuf Chimole

Yusuf Chimole is a 4th year student at the University of Malawi, The Polytechnic, studying Information Technology. He also holds a Diploma in Automobile Engineering. Robotics and IoT are his passion. He won several prizes at national and international technology competitions.

Cover Photo Cover Photo: Sunrise over Mulanje Mountain

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